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Universal Trench First Day Results 01-02 Aug 20

Congratulations for those who attended the Universal Trench Competition over the weekend. Well done to Rod Gould for winning the shoot off against Nathan Hales. Results are listed in the link below: 


English Skeet Doubles 25 Jul 20 

Congratulations for all those who attended the Skeet Doubles competition at NCSC. Congratulations to the Top Gun Martin Brister scoring 99/100 and winning in a shoot off against Peter Chester!  Results are listed in the link below:

Skeet Doubles 25 26072020


Olympic Trap Competition 05 Jul 20

Congratulations for all those who attended the OT competition Today at NCSC. Congratulations to the Top Gun Rod Gould scoring 92/100!  Results are listed in the link below:

OT comp 050720


English Skeet Competition 28 Jun 20

Congratulations for all those who attended the ESK competition Today at NCSC. Thank you for your consideration and adherence to the new format and Congrats also to Mr P Chester for winning High gun with 100/100. Results are listed in the link below:

English Skeet Comp 28062020


Universal Trench Competition 21 Jun 20

Congratulations for all those who attended the UT competition Today at NCSC. Thank you for your consideration and adherence to the new format and Congrats also to Rod Gould for winning High gun with 98/100. Results are listed in the link below:



Latest Update and Competitions 

NCSC Update

Dear all

We are pleased to announce the Clays Café is now open from Friday to Sunday after successfully trailing our new procedures this weekend. We have gone to great lengths to secure the safety of our customers and staff, so we would appreciate your patience with the new system. We have a reduced menu for the moment, but you will still be able to enjoy a hearty commonwealth breakfast before shooting.

Booking layouts

Our layout booking system has evolved steadily over the last few weeks and the vast majority of our customers are telling us it should remain. It eliminates queuing and guarantees customers can shoot whatever they wish to. That said, as of next week you will be able to walk in and take “pot luck” on whether there is a range available. Please be aware that the majority of layouts will still have been booked over the phone so you still may wish to book early to avoid disappointment. If you are walking in, please come to reception and if there is availability, you will be able to book a slot for that day.

We can now accept up to 6 persons on each layout so if you need more than an hour for your group, please just ask. Please note our policy is still that customers should book at least two rounds each per hour, but we accept that 6 shooters shooting 2 rounds each is tight so we would try to operate at a more comfortable level for our customers i.e. 4 shooters doing 2 rounds each per hour. To that end, if 2 shooters book a layout, but they wish to do 4 rounds each, we would not add anyone else to that layout during that period. If 2 persons book 2 rounds each, we might then add another 2 shooters to the layout who wish to shoot the same amount.


Tokens are now being gradually being phased out and will not be accepted after 30 Aug 2020. We will be providing every member with a chip card over the next few weeks so if you have tokens left, you will be able to redeem them all for “rounds” on your new card. Please come to collect your new chip card next time you are in NCSC.



We are very pleased to announce we will be resuming registered events. This will be a gradual return so that we can ensure we maintain all social distancing guidelines while testing our procedures to ensure the safety of participants and staff. The first event will be Universal Trench (UT) Counties Championship next Sunday 21 June 2020.

In line with the latest CPSA guidance for registered shoots, we will be running this competition shooting 100 targets straight through in a 2 hour period. We will be using 2 layouts and there will be 5 shooters per squad. Referees will be provided by Surrey CPSA. Please call Emma to book your start time and we would also appreciate payment before arrival. We ask that all competitors familiarise themselves with the CPSA Registered Shoot Format Guidance:


We will also be holding UT practice sessions the day before, Saturday 20 June 2020. (There will be no OT practice on Saturday or Sunday) In order to book a slot on the practice session or register for the competition, please call the NCSC on 01483 797 666.

Please also ensure you have read our risk assessment and social distancing guidelines. The links to these may be found on the home page of our website. We will publish detailed instructions prior to the competition and it is vital all shooters read and comply with them.

We are currently planning our diary for future shoots. The following dates are now confirmed:

  • 21 June 20 – Universal Trench. 100 Targets straight through in accordance with CPSA Covid Guidelines.
  • 28 June 20 – English Skeet. 100 Targets straight through in accordance with CPSA Covid Guidelines.



Update on group numbers and registered shoots

Due to the recent change in Government guidance and the CPSA’s announcement regarding an increase in group sizes for shooting, NCSC will be raising the number of shooters to “4” on each layout from Friday this week. Please continue to book in the normal fashion and we will endeavor to keep the groups to a manageable size so that you can expect to shoot at least 75 in the hour if you wish. If you wish to shoot more, we will reduce the group sizes back to “2” subject to availability.

Regarding Registered events, we are currently liaising with all the interested parties to see what we can achieve for the remainder of the year. Please be aware that although an event may have been previously scheduled, the new guidelines will impact the way in which we can run a competition. Our intent is to honor as many as the dates as possible, however our staffing levels are not yet up to full strength, nor will they be until at least the end of July.

We will be in touch very soon to confirm which events will be going ahead and any new dates for the diary.


Kai Timmermann
Tel: 01483 797 666
info@nsc-clays.co.uk www.nsc-clays.co.uk


Opening for non-members


We are pleased to announce that we will now be opening on Friday, Saturday and Sundays for all, including non-members starting Friday June 5th. We would like to thank everyone for their patience, but we needed to trial our procedures and understand the demand. For those of you who have not already read them, our new procedures and risk assessment are contained in the links below.

NCSC Covid procedure

NCSC Risk assessments

The key points are as follows:

  • Shooters will need to call and book a layout before turning up at NCSC. (1 hr slots available from 0900 to 1600 in each discipline)
  • Payment will only be taken by card over the phone prior to arrival.
  • Strict social distancing measures will need to be maintained at all times.
  • There will be no requirement for Tokens or Chip cards at this stage.
  • A minimum booking of 2 rounds (50 targets) during a 1 hr session will be required for each person.
  • Please do not enter the layout until previous shooters have left.
  • Until advised otherwise, we will still only be accepting 2 shooters per layout.(as soon as this changes we will update the site)
  • Café will be closed, however Fat Tony’s will be open.
  • There should be no need to enter the Clubhouse.
  • Toilets will be accessed from the car park.



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